Here's The Nominee Shortlist for the 2018 Bristol Diversity Awards. Winners to be announced at the ceremony on  Saturday 19th May

The Nominee Shortlist - Bristol Diversity Awards 2018


We all need Role Models, they inspire us to achieve our goals and work hard to gain success. A Role model can be a community leader, colleague, family member, friend, sports coach/mentor, teacher, or a neighbour.

Positive Role Model Award for Age:   Derek Scale - Seynap Ismail - Amy Rodwell

Positive Role Model Award for Disability:   Anwar Khan - Gina Hopkins - Ashley Jenkins

Positive Role Model Award for Gender: Penny Gane - Miranda Rae - Lyn & Sandra  (Rise Women) 

Positive Role Model Award for LGBT+ : Bev & Sarah Milner - Berkeley Wilde - Ivan Jackson

Positive Role Model Award for Race/Ethnicity: (Sponsored by United Communities) Dr Zainab Khan - Desmond Brown - Henroy Brown

Positive Role Model Award for Faith/Religion: Abdul Raoof Malik - Fr Richard McKay -


The Organisation Awards recognise any non-profit group or organisation who have made an outstanding contribution to Bristol in the field of equality and diversity.

Organisation Award for Age: Bristol Central YFC - CYN - La Casita

Organisation Award for Disability: Adaptive Martial Arts - Young & Free - Bristol Music Trust

Organisation Award for Gender: Watershed - Bristol Community FM - Gal-Dem

Organisation Award for LGBT+: Trans Pride SW - Brigstowe Trust - Beacons, Icons & Dykons - Pride Without Borders

Organisation Award for Race/Ethnicity: Ashley Housing - Bristol Music Trust - United Communities

Organisation Award for Faith/Religion: Jamia Mosque - St Nicholas Of Tolentino Catholic Church


The Business Award recognise any small or large business who have made an outstanding contribution to Bristol in the field of equality and diversity.

Business Award for Age: Street 2 Boardroom - Studio 7 - Babbasa

Business Award for LGBT+: Queen Shilling - Watershed - Old Market Tavern

Business Award for Race/Ethnicity: Assilah Bistro - Pilo Exercise - Watershed


Wherever we go and whatever we do, our opinions (and prejudices) on so many issues are based largely on what see & hear on TV, radio and online. The Diverse Broadcaster Award is to reward individuals or organisations in TV & Radio (including online broadcasters) who strive to give a balance in their coverage of news, issues and current affairs across all diversity categories.

Diverse TV Broadcaster Award:(Sponsored by Drummer TV) Ashna Hurynag - Neil Maggs - Alex Beresford

Diverse Radio Broadcaster Award: Mary Milton - Laura Rawlings - Neil Maggs

Diverse Online Broadcaster Award: Ross Barnett Show - Dadcast with Da Mandem - Mandem Hood (UWE)

Diverse Production Award: (Sponsored by E-com Media) Watershed - 8th Sense Media - Drummer TV


The Diverse Publication Award is to reward individuals or organisations who strive to give a balance in their coverage of news, issues and current affairs across all diversity categories in both physical print and online.

Diverse Publication Award: Gal-Dem Magazine - Up Our Street Magazine - The Bristol Cable

Our young people are inspired by us but all inspire their peers in a way that is often more powerful than we can imagine. This next award seeks to recognise a young person under 18 who appears to have grasped the importance of equality and diversity within their work at school, college, team or other organisation that they may be active.

Young People's Inspiration Award:(Sponsored by Creative Youth Network) Shardai Watkins - Mohamed Aidid - Keisha Steel

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our city. Across all areas of diversity we see dedicated individuals working tirelessly for no financial reward just trying to improve the opportunities and situations of others. Our Volunteer Award is intended to recognise those that have tried to include equality and diversity in their volunteer work.

Volunteer Award: Penny Gane - Mervyn Kemp - Henroy Brown

We trust those in power, especially those that we vote for! So this next award is for elected officials who go above and beyond to ensure that inclusion & diversity are a major part of their civic work. Councillors, the elected mayor, MP's, Metro Mayor, Police & Crime Commissioner are all elected by us and anyone who serves in whole or in part the Greater Bristol area are eligible.

Diverse Politician: Ruth Pickersgill - Asher Craig - Thangam Debbonaire


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