About BCfm


What We Are And What We Do

BCfm is a community radio station, broadcasting across Bristol on 93.2fm, DAB and worlwide via our online stream. We are dedicated to representing the many underserved members or groups within our city that don't get access to the airwaves via an award winning schedule of music, speech and creative programming.

About BCfm

BCfm started broadcasting on March 26th 2007 to the city of Bristol on 93.2fm and has just celebrated its 10th birthday. It was started following the culmination of many years of community development and radio projects in Bristol.

Schedule and capacity permitting, anybody can get involved with BCfm and now with over seventy shows broadcasting every week, we are covering more areas of the community than ever before.

The Official Stuff

BCfm 93.2 is governed by Ofcom and has a list of key commitmens that can be found here http://www.ofcom.org.uk/static/radiolicensing/Community/commitments/cr00...

Bristol Community Fm LTD No. 05377534. Registered Charity No: 1123827
Registered Address: Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street, Bristol. BS5 6AW.

On the Subject of us

On the Subject of Us

We are BCfm - a community radio station based in Bristol, UK. We are a limited company and a registered charity.
If you experience problems with our website, please email webmaster@bcfmradio.com

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